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GMP minősítés logó
We have accredited GMP certification since 2019.

C&C Laboratory has almost a quarter century of experience in the manufacture of cosmetic products.

Our company produces the widest range of cosmetics in Hungary. Except decor cosmetics, all the hygienic cosmetic groups may be found among our products.
Our commitment is to produce at Hungarian prices but Western European quality. Since 2019 we have accredited GMP Certification.


Choose in accordance with your requirements!

Unique World Of herbs

Extra high herbal active ingredient in the market.

Custom-developed cosmetic emulsion for effective and fast absorption.

Skin problems, muscle, joints, musculoskeletal, sports and fitness areas.

Excellent value for money, modern and aesthetic packaging.

A product free of paraben, paraffin, artificial colourants and fragrances.

UW Classic product group

Classic solutions for everyday life

With herbs against chronic problems.

High quality active ingredients in lower concentration.

Light, cosmetic emulsion that absorbs quickly without stain.

Horse balms with chilli, mint, peat mud and a multitude of herbs.

Regenerating preparations at outstanding prices, in various kinds of family friendly packagings.

Charlotte product group

Purity guaranteed

Special fragrance families of shower gels and cream soaps.

Economical and aesthetic packaging for every product.

Solutions free from artificial colourants.

Modern raw material usage, unique, exotic fragrance combinations.

Perfect cleansing effect with the power of nature at excellent manufacturing prices.


Product groups – standard Private Label manufacture

Exclusive skin care product group

A drop of luxury

Unique ingredients, HYAPEARL FORMULA, HYALURONIC ACID content.

Baby care product group

Mild baby care under natural terms

Gentle nourishment for the baby’s skin – everything a baby needs.

Hair care product group

Premium hair care for the sake of beauty

Scientific hair care, natural components, enduring effect. Soon

Professional massage product group

Everything that massage is

Massage base cream, three massage oils and supplementary creams. Soon

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