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Our goal is to achieve your satisfaction

Our team in operation since 1995 soon understood the needs of the industry and the requirements of customers. We have created reliable products and services, which serve the success of our partners.

The history of our company is full of turning points, but we stayed on our feet in the most difficult times, because we were always faithful to our values:

Product development: We do not forgo quality in the interest of profit.
Customers: Customer experience and a decent price above all things.
Partners: Precise, reliable work performance, establishing friendly collaboration.
Co-workers: We recognise everyone as human. We provide opportunities for improvement.

A few words on C&C Laboratory

C&C Laboratory Hungary Ltd. was formed in 1995 under the name of Charlotte Cosmetic (C&C) Hungary Ltd. In the almost quarter of a century since then, they have come a long way in constructing today’s stable and successful business background.
Besides making and selling their own products, a significant part of their activity is filled with toll manufacturing.
Thanks to their extensive resale network, their own products may be purchased today not merely in Hungary, but also in many other parts of the world.
Since 2018 the company’s products have also been available online in the www.kremmester.hu webshop. The preparations made in its toll manufacturing activity have made the company’s name know on the five continents of the world.
The year 2019 is a new milestone in the professional life of the company: acquisition of GMP qualification opens up new vistas for these outstanding quality cosmetic products.


The numbers speak for themselves

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Quality above all things! The satisfaction of our clients and buyers is 100% at the centre of our attention. We have no “minor” or “major” clients. Every order and every product is made with maximum attention.


Our company produces the broadest range of cosmetics in Hungary. Except for decor cosmetics, all the hygienic cosmetic groups may be found among our products. We are committed to producing Western European quality for Hungarian customers at Hungarian prices. C&C Laboratory products always set an example in the field of quality product manufacture. Manufacture is always preceded by an intense and careful development process. We offer a broad selection in our range, from medicinal and regenerative preparations to premium category cosmetics.

We are a company which strives to meet your demands  perfectly.

What we would like to change

Misleading, imprecise information in connection with cosmetics industry products.


Why we work

So that after the respect acquired on the international cosmetics market, we will also be recognised here at home.

What we value

Honesty, decent prices and a guarantee of quality above all else.

Get to know  OUR TEAM

“The essence of life is in those values which we create ourselves: it means that every individual gives his own life its meaning.”
Werner Heisenberg


Zsolt Király

Founder owner



Anikó Kiss-Papp

Founder owner
CC Laboratory Benis Dávis private label director

Dávid Benis

Private Label senior manager

+36 70 458 8526, david.benis@cclaboratory.eu


Tünde Enyingi

Private label junior manager

+36 20 383 3062, tunde.enyingi@cclaboratory.eu


Lajos Róka

Értékesítés vezető

+36 70 457 4043, lajos.roka@cclaboratory.eu


We  support

“Sometimes we need someone who believes in us, who supports us, until we are able to stand on our own feet.” Jessica Park Jessica Park

We know how important it is to have someone stand alongside us in difficult situations. Our road was not easy either, and without those people who believed and supported us, it would have been much more difficult.
That is why we have always given to support others, even if we had hardly anything to give. By now the thought has matured as what what ISSUES we want to stand up for.
With the income from the sale of our products, we support the following ISSUES:

Talented young man
Art and sport
Pet protection
Balázs Péter Kiss is a link in the field of art and sport
Annamária Fodor’s “Sit by me!” project has also endeared itself to us
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